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Factory Supply Synthetic Magnetic Eyelashes Y-PY1

Factory Supply Synthetic Magnetic Eyelashes Y-PY1
Factory Supply Synthetic Magnetic Eyelashes Y-PY1
Factory Supply Synthetic Magnetic Eyelashes Y-PY1

Factory Supply Synthetic Magnetic eyelashes.The magnetic eyelashes has no glue and environmental protection, it is very comfortable and easy to wear.The magnets attach together for secure,gorgeous and luxury magnetic eyelashes.In addition,handmade and reusable, lightweight and natural.

  • *Brand:EMEDA
  • *Materials:Synthetic material
  • *MOQ:500 pairs
  • *Price:USD2-2.5
  • *Main market:North American,Europe
  • *model(number):MA-01
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Advantage Of Magnetic Lashes

Leading the Fashion Trend! No Damage to Natural Lashes!

EMEDA magnetic technology gently “sandwiches” your natural lashes to create bold, full lashes in seconds. The magnets attach together for secure, comfortable, gorgeous and luxury lashes. In addition, no glue and adhesive , handmade and reusable, lightweight and natural, comfortable and secure.

Preparation For Using Magnetic Lashes:

1.Wash and dry your face before applying EMEDA magnetic eyelashes.

2.Applying EMEDA magnetic eyelashes in front of a mirror is recommended. Convenient to wear it better.

3.Lay out a white or light-colored towel in front of you so you can easily locate the lashes in case they fall during application.

4.Apply mascara and any other eye makeup (eyeliner, eye shadow ) before applying EMEDA magnetic eyelashes. Do not apply mascara directly to the magnetic lashes. Make sure up (mascara)sets/dries.

How to use magnetic eyelash ?

(1)When pickup magnet lashes,clamping the magnet and eyelash part meanwhile with small tweezers, then you can take them down gently.

(2) When you wear the magnetic eyelash, use the upper and lower eyelashes to hold your true eyelashes, they will be tightly attached because of the magnets attraction.

(3) It is the time to witness the miracle, close your eyes slightly,then put magnet lashes at the end of your eyelash ,use another strip eyelash to adhesive it,then you will get long eyelashes easily!

(4)Because it is magnetic eyelash,you do not need the boring remover products! When take down the eyelashes,do not pull it hard,it just need picking it gently and separating the two magnet.Its advantage- the magnetic eyelash is very durable,with low damage rate!Even someone is closed to you,she will not notice it is magnetic eyelash,she will think it is more natural and beautiful.

You do not even know there is magnetic eyelash in the world before,Amaizing!

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1.Magnetic eyelashes,leading the trend of fashion.

2.Anti-allergic,non-glue,repeated,easy to use.

3.Magnetic eyelashes,without glue,applied directly.

magnetic lashes.jpg

Customer feedback:

These reviews of our team and the quality of our products are left by visiting factory customers.

customer eyelashes feedback.jpg

(Thank you so much all emeda staff for a very special welcome and assistance,I am looking forward to our business cooperation.And best wishes for a prosperous yeah!)

Q: Are you the factory?

A: Yes,We are a leading supplier and manufacturer of eyelash extensions individual,eyelash extension tools,3D mink eyelashes and 3D false eyelashes products in qingdao China.

Q: Can we visit your factory before we cooperate?

A: Of course you can. Welcome to visit our factory. We will assist you in booking your ticket and hotel and arranging all your trips.

Q: Do you take orders for private labels?

A: Yes. We do. MOQ per artwork is 1000trays.            

Q: Do you take orders for customizing packages?

A: Yes. We do. MOQ per artwork is 1000 trays.

Q: Do you take customized eye-lashes orders based on designs?

A: Yes, we do. Please contact us for further information.

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