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Development Path

In 2000: Operated the business of raw materials of false eyelashes and wigs, mainly including chemical fiber and human hair. The chemical fiber were mainly supplied to Korean false eyelashes factories invested in China; 100% human hair, it was mainly supplied to Chinese wig factories and Korean wig factories invested in China.

● In 2005: Established false eyelashes factory, specializing in providing OEM services of false eyelashes to Korean eyelashes factories invested in China.

In 2008: Self-produced false eyelashes finished products, mainly supplying to domestic market.

● in 2010: Established R & D department, developed and customized false eyelashes, and exported to many foreign trade companies in Qingdao, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi an and Shijiazhuang, mainly supplying to European and US market places.

● In 2014: Established export sales department, independently exported eyelashes products and also offered OEM and ODM services to European, American and Japanese eyelash wholesalers.

In 2015: EMEDA is established to provide high quality beauty products, such as false eyelashes and eyelash related tools.

In 2015: Participated in Japan exhibition, launched new products, and attended the procurement summit of Amazon professional sellers.

In 2016: Participated in Hong Kong exhibition, and developed business exchanges with Indonesian, South Korean eyelashes factories.

● In 2017: Participated in Tokyo exhibition, released new products, and highly recognized by the Japanese market.

In 2018: Participated in Hong Kong exhibition, carried out exchange activities and shared with top foreign buyers.

Exhibition Information:

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