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Private label DIY segmented lash USA YL

Private label DIY segmented lash USA YL
Private label DIY segmented lash USA YL
Private label DIY segmented lash USA YL
Private label DIY segmented lash USA YL
Private label DIY segmented lash USA YL
EMEDA or your own brand
Korea PBT
USD 2-2.5
Main market
USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Poland, German, Japan, Russia and so on
Accept customized package
Transport Time
1-2 days
5-8 times
Paypal/TT/Western Union
Emeda eyelash offer private label for segmented DIY lash.Customers can DIY these segmented lashes themselves.Save time and money.We have 5 styles segmented lashes now. The material is Korea PBT. Soft and comfortable to wear

DIY segmented lash kit introduce


Lash material: Korea PBT

There are 5 pairs lashes, 5 cleanser cotton swab and 1 top quality tweezers

Each lash has 5 part, the cotton band is soft and comfortable to wear

You can reuse these lashes more than 15 times if you take good care

Beautiful looking with DIY segmented lash


With DIY segmented lash under your own lash not above, it can give you beautiful natural looking and easy to apply and remove

Most customers like these DIY segmented lash. If you haven't started to sell these segmented lashes, i advise you try to sell it. They are so hot now. If you want to start your own lash business, i advise you start with segmented lashes. We can help you create your own brand 

The DIY segmented lash can last for weeks. Soft, light weight vegan and cruelty free

Private label DIY segmented lash kit USA


We can do private label for DIY segmented. Customize your own pacakge with your logo 

We can do other lash quantities as your request. For example, one pair, two pairs, three pairs and so on as your request

We have 5 designers to do private label for customers. Free designing 

Because we do factory wholesale. Almost all customers order their own package. One customer from USA ordered 1000 trays at first time, she ordered her own package for these DIY segmented lash. Her customers like our styles. She sold out all segmented lash within one month. She has given me second order about 2000 trays. I will ship to her soon 

Top quality DIY segmented lash kit


Each product in the kit is offered with top quality 

The lash band is thin and soft, light weight. The tweezers is stainless and the cleanser is safe

It is easy to wear the segmented lash with our tweezers. Even if you don't have any experience, you can use it too

We can offer top quality glue too. Send your request to us and get factory wholesale price

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to tell me 

Whatsapp: +8613410107037


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Name: Maria        time:2022-08-18 13:26:26
I DIY the segmented lashes myself. Beautiful looking. I love it

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