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Color eyelash extention for beauty salon use L74

Color eyelash extention for beauty salon use L74
Color eyelash extention for beauty salon use L74
Color eyelash extention for beauty salon use L74
Color eyelash extention for beauty salon use L74
Color eyelash extention for beauty salon use L74
Emeda eyelashes
real mink fur
200 packs/style
Main market
US & Europe
Handmade Natural Color False Eyelashes Extention

Lash Color                Colorful / Two-tone color
Typehandmade / semi-hand / machine-made
MaterialReal mink fur
UseDaily Make Up, Dating, Bridal, Party,Night Out etc
Package4/12/16lines per box, or as you requested
Delivery Time5-15 Days after your deposit/full payment(According to your order)
Main ProductsHand Tied Natural Look Eyelash
Polished Tip/Tipped Mellow Sexy Look Eyelash
Hand Made Dolly Look Eyelash
Flare/Individual Eyelash 
Eyelash Extension in bulk or in plastic case
Soft Synthetic Fiber/silk hair/Mink Fur
Eyelash with Sparkles and Decorated for Party
Feather Eyelash, or Glitters for Special Occasions

Color eyelash extensions are a type of cosmetic enhancement that involves applying synthetic or natural lash fibers in various vibrant colors to the natural eyelashes. These colorful extensions are a departure from traditional black or brown extensions and allow individuals to experiment with different shades to create eye-catching and unique looks.

Color eyelash extensions are typically made from the same materials as regular lash extensions, such as synthetic polyester or real mink fur. They are available in a range of shades, including but not limited to blue, green, purple, red, pink, and more. The purpose of color eyelash extensions is to add a pop of color and style to the eyes, enhancing the overall appearance and allowing individuals to express their creativity.

These extensions are applied using the same techniques as traditional lash extensions. A professional lash artist carefully isolates each natural eyelash and attaches a colored extension using a specialized adhesive. The result is a vibrant and dynamic look that can be tailored to match the client's preferences and desired level of intensity.

Color eyelash extensions can be used in various ways:

Full Set: Applying color extensions to all lashes for a bold and eye-catching look.

Ombre Effect: Blending color extensions with traditional black or brown extensions for a graduated and subtle color effect.

Accent Lashes: Applying color extensions to specific lashes, such as the outer corners, to add a touch of color without overwhelming the overall look.

These extensions are particularly popular for special occasions, festivals, themed events, or simply to express a unique sense of style. It's important to note that color eyelash extensions are semi-permanent, just like regular extensions, and will gradually shed along with the natural lash growth cycle.

Color eyelash extensions offer a creative way to enhance the eyes and provide individuals with a standout and personalized look that can be as subtle or vibrant as they desire. As with any eyelash extension application, it's recommended to seek the services of a trained and experienced lash artist to ensure safe and aesthetically pleasing results.

Using color eyelash extensions in a beauty salon is a way to offer clients a unique and creative look. Here are some steps and considerations for incorporating color eyelash extensions into your beauty salon:

1. Training and Certification:

Ensure that the professional lash artists in your beauty salon have received training and certification in color eyelash extensions. This ensures that your team is capable of applying these extensions correctly for both aesthetics and safety.

2. Client Consultation:

Consult with clients to understand if they are interested in color eyelash extensions and what look they wish to achieve. Based on their preferences and desires, provide recommendations for different colors and styles.

3. Offer Variety:

Prepare a range of color eyelash extensions in different shades to cater to various client needs. You can offer natural tones, bright colors, and even gradient colors to accommodate different styles.

4. Personalized Designs:

Design personalized color eyelash extensions based on the client's eye shape, eye color, and overall appearance. For example, offer extensions that highlight their eye color or create a special colorful look for specific occasions.

5. Display Samples:

Display samples of color eyelash extensions in the salon so clients can choose their preferred shades. You can also showcase photos of different colors and styles to inspire clients' creativity.

6. Provide Recommendations:

Collaborate with clients to provide advice on choosing the right colors and styles based on their features, eye color, and style preferences. Ensure they receive guidance on what will suit them best.

7. Demonstrate Effects:

Use models to demonstrate the effects of color eyelash extensions in the salon. This helps clients better understand the various looks they can achieve and provides them with inspiration.

8. Train Your Team:

Ensure that your beauty salon's lash artists are trained in the correct techniques and skills to apply color eyelash extensions. They should know how to select appropriate colors, apply them correctly, and consult with clients effectively.

9. Partner with Suppliers:

Collaborate with reliable suppliers to obtain high-quality color eyelash extensions. Ensure that the extensions you acquire are safe, durable, and provide excellent color effects.

By using color eyelash extensions in your beauty salon, you can offer clients a stunning and creative look, thereby increasing the diversity of your services and attracting a broader range of clients. Make sure your team is professionally trained and capable of delivering high-quality color eyelash extension services.


1. What are color eyelash extensions?

Color eyelash extensions are vibrant and colorful lash fibers applied to natural eyelashes. They come in various shades, allowing clients to add a pop of color to their lash look.

2. Are color eyelash extensions safe?

Yes, when applied by trained professionals, color eyelash extensions are safe. It's important to ensure that the adhesive and materials used are of high quality and safe for the eyes.

3. How are color eyelash extensions applied?

Color eyelash extensions are applied using the same techniques as traditional lash extensions. A professional lash artist isolates each natural lash and attaches a colored extension using adhesive.

4. Can color eyelash extensions be customized?

Absolutely. Color eyelash extensions can be customized to match the client's desired level of vibrancy and the color palette they prefer.

5. How long do color eyelash extensions last?

Color eyelash extensions last as long as traditional lash extensions, which is around 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the natural lash growth cycle.

6. Can clients choose different colors for each eye?

Yes, clients can choose different colors for each eye, creating a unique and asymmetrical look if they desire.

7. Can color eyelash extensions be mixed with black extensions?

Yes, color eyelash extensions can be mixed with traditional black extensions to create a customized and dynamic look.

8. Are color eyelash extensions suitable for special occasions?

Absolutely. Color eyelash extensions are perfect for special occasions, holidays, festivals, and themed events, allowing clients to make a bold and unique statement.

9. Do color eyelash extensions require special aftercare?

While the aftercare for color eyelash extensions is similar to that of traditional extensions, clients should avoid oil-based products that might affect the color intensity.

10. Are color eyelash extensions suitable for all eye colors?

Color eyelash extensions can complement various eye colors, and the choice of color can be personalized based on the client's eye color and style preferences.

11. How do I choose the right color for my clients?

Consider factors such as the client's eye color, skin tone, and personal style when helping them choose the right color for their eyelash extensions.

12. Are patch tests necessary for color eyelash extensions?

Patch tests are recommended for color eyelash extensions, especially for clients with sensitive skin or known allergies, to ensure they do not react to the colored fibers.

By addressing these frequently asked questions, you can provide valuable information to your clients about the use of color eyelash extensions in your beauty salon and help them make informed decisions about their lash enhancement options.

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