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Private Label 25mm Natural 3d Fur Mink Eyelashes Wholesale

Private Label 25mm Natural 3d Fur Mink Eyelashes Wholesale
Private Label 25mm Natural 3d Fur Mink Eyelashes Wholesale
Private Label 25mm Natural 3d Fur Mink Eyelashes Wholesale
Private Label 25mm Natural 3d Fur Mink Eyelashes Wholesale
Private Label 25mm Natural 3d Fur Mink Eyelashes Wholesale
real mink fur
10 pairs
Main market
OEM available
Transport Time
3~5 work days
Preferential Natural 3d Fur Mink Eyelashes.The 3D mink eyelash are with the best mink fur, Unique 3D effect to make 3D multilayer eyelash, release the most charming eyes.It is not easy to drop fur with unique manufacture technique. Made by double bands to make your lashes stronger and durable.

Amazing!Most Popular 25mm 3D Mink Lashes!!

Private Label 25mm Natural 3d Fur Mink Eyelashes Wholesale

1/Specifications of 3d Fur Mink Eyelashes

Grade: Diamond Grade

Material: 100% Siberian Mink hair,vivid and Shiny and Soft

Type: 100% hand made by 12 years experienced workers

3D Styles: Hundreds of styles,Special and natural

Appearance of feeling: Soft and fluffy.long,thick, dense,absolutely beautiful

Packaging: high quality like eyelash.absolutely fabulous

Length: 1cm-1.8cm

Reusable: Up to 20 wears with good care

Payment terms: Paypal, Western Union, Money gram, T/T

Delivery time: 3-15days




2/Features of Preferential Natural 3d Fur Mink Eyelashes

The best mink hair, from the tail of the Siberian sable

The best craft: Only craftspeople(10+ years Exp.) can produce this product.Stable quality

Most professional design

Professional curling ironing technology

OEM is acceptable

Strict Quality Contral & Assurance Applied

Suitable for Multiple occasions 

Fair price

Free sample

3/Market positioning of Preferential Natural 3d Fur Mink Eyelashes 

Boutique store,chain supermarket,High-end brand etc.



4/Major consumer groups

High-income group



5/Why choose us for Preferential Natural 3d Fur Mink Eyelashes 

(1)Hair from mink tail is the best,very soft and they can last a long time.

(2)Each pair is responsible for the whole production process by a single person .They are fabulous!Durable!

(3)The styles are absolutely beautiful.full,long,thick and curl up just right.Conform to most people. 

(4)The packaging is absolutely fabulous! Like the lashes are high quality!

(5)Suitable for work time,Party,Travel or Professional Make up .

(6)Fit on All eyes perfectly,allowing your customers to cut them to fit your eye.

(7)Fairly easy to apply.

(8)The reasonable price and competitive price.


6/End customer feedback of Preferential Natural 3d Fur Mink Eyelashes HP21

"Back a few months ago when I noticed the price jump I was frustrated. But now I realize these are so worth it. The styles are beautiful and they last a long time for me."

"I'm in love with these lashes. I wear them almost everyday and get so many complements! I'm glad I found these because I don't have to spend over for mink lashes! I will be ordering more and will probably never wear my other lashes again."

"Dramatic! So pretty!!!!!! I am even guilty of wearing these to work because I love them so much. These are verrrrry full and a very good deal for the price. Love them!!!"



Q: Are you the factory?

A: Yes,We are a leading supplier and manufacturer of eyelash extensions individual,eyelash extension tools,3D mink eyelashes and 3D false eyelashes products in qingdao China.

Q: Can we visit your factory before we cooperate?

A: Of course you can. Welcome to visit our factory. We will assist you in booking your ticket and hotel and arranging all your trips.

Q: What is the diffrent between real mink eyelash and faux mink eyelash

A: Mink eyelashes look more natural and are extremely lightweight. They are more matte than silk lashes. The Mink is aquired by carefully brushing and collecting the hair. 

The allure of extensions made from mink hair is that they have a natural quality to them that you cannot get from synthetic material. Real Mink lashes come from the Mink tail,With Mink extensions, you'll get a light, fluffy, soft natural look. 

Q: Are they 3d mink eyelash cruelty free?

A: Mink eyelashes can be ethically sourced by brushing their tails. They will not be slaughtered just to make eyelash.We realize the fur industry does treat animals incredibly cruelly and I do not condone this, But if mink lashes are something you are interested in,You don't have to worry,they are cruelty free, Safe.

Q: How to use 3d mink eyelashes?

Step1: Carefully remove the eyelashes from the case with tweezers. 

Step2: Compare false eyelashes with your eyeline length, trim to suitable length and width if neccessary. 

Step3: Add glue along the false eyelash root with cotton bud. 

Step4: Hold the eyelash on the root of your natural lashes with pressure. 

Step5: If neccessary, apply eye shadow or eyeliner to make your eyeline look more natural.


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Name: Cherry F.        time:2021-11-22 13:23:29
Extremely soft and light weight. These Preferential Natural 3d Fur Mink Eyelashes make my eyes look so stunning! Worth it!!

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