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How to Create your own Strip Lashes

Emeda eyelash
How to Create your own Strip Lashes
Emeda has been a lash supplier for many years, we can help you create your strip lashes. We will teach you how to choose eyelashes, eyelash package and help you design logo on box.

How to Create your own Strip Lashes 6D42 (5)_mink-strip -lashes.JPG

1,Eyelash market 

The global false eyelash market is divided into: pharmacies, supermarkets, professional retailers, Internet sales and so on.

At present, the active market of false eyelashes is mainly concentrated in Britain, Canada, the United States and other regions. Because European and American women like thick, long eyelashes.

Especially for mink strip lashes, mink strip lashes are soft and comfortable, can enlarge the charm of eyes. Japan and South Korea mainly do eyelashes extensions, Japanese and Korean women like short, natural eyelashes.

So mink strip lashes are the best selling in the Europe and the US. 

2,How to establish the connection with suppliers 

Customers will look for suppliers from alibaba, Google and exhibition of eyelashes, they contact suppliers through the contact information that suppliers leave. First send an inquiry to a supplier, then ask the supplier to send eyelash styles to self and inquire some details such as price. If customers are satisfied with the information and services provided by the supplier, try the sample first.

After comparing multiple suppliers, choose the most suitable supplier to cooperate. General customers will customize their own brand and packaging, customers will send logo and eyelash style and quantity to suppliers. The supplier calculates the price and will let the customer pay, and the sale is reached.

3,How to choose false strip lashes 

  1. Check the glossiness of strip lashes, if the eyelashes are shiny and smooth, which is the characteristics of high-quality eyelashes. 

  2. Check the hardness of strip lashes, too hard eyelashes are not comfortable and not natural; too soft eyelashes do not have good curl. 

  3. Check the bending of strip lashes, nice strip lashes will bend naturally, and are similar to the growth radians of real eyelashes. 

  4. Check the band of strip lashes, hard band/ soft band/ invisible band. Good eyelashes have suitable band, no burden. 

(1) Hard band: usually made of black plastic, also known as plastic band. This band is thick, black and hard, can bend arbitrarily, the support force is the best of all stalks. Secondly, makeup remover will not penetrate into the stem, easy to clean, repeated use of 10 times is basically no problem.

Suitable for people: most suitable for people with drooping eyelids, inner double and single eyelid. Because of its high hardness, it can completely support the drooping eyelids, so that the eyelids do not block the eyes, the eyes completely exposed, to achieve the effect of natural amplification. Put the inner double, single eyelid up a natural fold, create charming double eyelids, eyes enlarged and deep, very attractive. Pay attention to wear, according to the eye radians, adjust the curvature of the stem, so that false eyelashes naturally fit the eyes, not easy to poke the eyes.

(2) Soft band: usually made of cotton thread, the band is thin, soft skin. However, because the makeup remover will be absorbed by the cotton band, so basically can not be used twice, one is that the band will breed bacteria to make the eye inflammation, the other is that the band will deform, can not achieve the effect of natural magnification of the eyes.

Suitable for people: most suitable for double eyelids. Because cotton stem is too soft and too thin, can not support eyelids, can only play a decorative role. Therefore, do not need to adjust the eyelids to highlight eye makeup, enlarge the eyes, you can choose skin-friendly cotton band.

(3) Transparent band: made of transparent plastic, also known as a fishline band. First of all, the color is transparent, attached to the eyes is basically invisible. The second is that plastic is better than black plastic, softer and more resilient than black plastic stalks, more natural and supportive. This kind of stem is basically the complex of hard stem and soft stem.

Suitable for people: moderate hardness, can support slightly drooping eyelids, so not serious inside can be controlled. It is also suitable for more tired eyes, slender and supportive, not as thick as black plastic stem, no burden on the upper eye.

4,How to choose eyelash package

There are three points for choosing moderate eyelash box.

  1.  Material: Good packaging materials will reflect the advantage of gift packaging, good box is durable. 

  2. Pertinency: The box is different from gender and age of people. Women box should reflect blandness, youth box should reflect fashion and vitality. 

  3. Features: Different gifts comes from different place, so package should emphasize creative design, highlight ethnic or local styleHighlight ethnic or local style, reflect cultural personality. Select packaging with strong personality and regional characteristics. 

  4. The boxes are divided into magnetic lash box and paper lash box. 

magnetic lash box is much more luxury and more advanced, the paper box is more professional and cheaper than magnetic lash box. 

  5. If you want high-level box, you would better to choose magetic lash box; if you want to save money, it is better to choose paper box. 

5,How to customize own logo

General customers have own logo, they want to put own logo on package. 

Customers give the designer their logo of AI file, when customizing the box, determine the size data of the product  first, and then strictly design the appropriate box according to these data. Choose a more creative box,you tell the supplier what content you need and what color of box you like, the designer makes a draft for customers reference. if you like the draft, ok, your supplier will arrange the box printing. 

6,Delivery ways

Your chosen delivery ways are DHL; Fedex; UPS and EMS. 

If customers are urgent, we will choose the fastest way-DHL. The delivery time is 3-5 days. DHL shipping fee is a little higher than other shipping ways. 

If customers want to save money and would like the cheapest shipping way, UPS is good. but the delivery time is longer than other shipping way. 

Fedex price is affordable and customers will receive in 5-7 days, the delivery time is suitable. 

Ems just can send samples, not for big goods. 

7,How to develop own eyelash brand

  1. Using media advertising to promote brands is the most common and fastest way to achieve results. Advertising on television, radio, newspapers, buses and other media allows potential customers to see the brand quickly.

  2. Using website to promote brand, like instagram and facebook. Online selling has low cost, high return and quick results. This has won the favor of small and medium-sized enterprises. 


    ●Share home page on personal timeline:

    After sharing the home page to the personal timeline, your relatives and friends will know that you created the home page. Posting invites them to like the home page and share it with other users who may be interested in your business. To share the home page, click the share button directly below the cover photo.

    ● invite friends to praise your home page: try to invite friends who may be interested in your business to like the home page.

    ● ask friends to share the home page with their network: with the help of friends, your home page can cover more users who are likely to follow the home page. Take the initiative to contact friends and ask them to share links to your home page on their timeline.


    ●create Ins account, store name is your ins user name. Your profile should be clear and tell them who you are and what you do. Then remember to attach a link to the store.

    ●You can send more beautiful photos every day

    ●A list of several photo tips, can be seen:

    ☆ photos of the goods can be found in your shop

    ☆photos of the goods can be sent when the products are on sale

    ☆take more recent photos of some products

    ☆take more photos when the goods are used

    ☆the process of making your product, let others know the details

    ☆take pictures of where you work, or tools for making products

    ●You can count the data every week

    see what time ins the most users online, the number of comments and "likes" given by users, and the popularity of photos you po up. Can also use third-party app, to monitor these data.

    ●How to use labels?

    each ins you can use about 30 labels;

    ◇labels should be related to your product, brand and customer base;

    ◇ don't use vague labels

    ◇can use labels alternately. Don't use a few labels every time. Think of new, hot labels

    ◇labels can be related to your shop activities.

    ●How to find labels?

    Find a wide range of labels that are relevant to your product, such as your bracelet, and search the Jewelry. and then you will see "top posts", those more popular labels. If related to your product, learn from it and remember to take more notes.

    ●Strive to improve their activity in the ins

    Join some communities and make more friends. It is best that users in this community have the same hobbies as you, or sell similar products, so that there are topics to talk about, but also to your creation and sales inspiration. Participate in some hot topics, recommend friends from time to time, like comments.

  3. At WeChat friends circle to publish their latest products, so that more and more friends in the circle of friends understand the main performance of this product, slowly expand the circle, through mobile phone APP for reasonable promotion.

  4. For customers in need, visit the field and go to market in person.

  5. Before promoting the product, we should also write a good product planning plan, let more people with ideas join the product promotion plan, put forward more new suggestions, constantly try to change the planning plan, and then implement it again.

8, Ending

Emeda has been an eyelash suppliers for many years. we offer all kinds of styles eyelashes and can customize logo and package for customers. Our price is wholesale, customers can make a bulk order from us. 

Our sales are online in 24 hours, if customers have any questions, we will answer as soon as possible. 

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