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Do you want to do Multiple pairs pack or lash collection with Private label for the coming shopping season? XJ42

Emeda eyelash
Do you want to do Multiple pairs pack or lash collection with Private label for the coming shopping season? XJ42
Now many customers are trying to do a mutiple pairs set for the coming shopping season Christmas,NEW Year holiday to lead good sales and help your clients save much money. We just want to share some suggestions to you or may let you get some ideas. Multi-functional lashes set - It can be widely used in various occasions, especially for holiday parties, travel makeup, self-timer, wedding photos, etc, every important moment, together with you.

                  False eyelashes with lash applicator and lash glue set 

    Usually we use 3 pairs or 5 pairs lash tray with lash applicator and lash glue. Of course you also can do one 

pair set, 2 pairs set or 4 pairs set. Just consider 3 pairs or 5 pairs better for select lashes styles. 

      3 pairs lashes:  one classical style, one natural style and one dramatic style.

      5 pairs lashes: besides the 3 lashes style, you can add 2 hot lash styles.

EMEA 5 对.jpg5 pairs set.JPG

      Mink lashes cost more than faux mink lashes and silk lashes. You can do 3 pairs of mink lashes, 

5 pairs of faux mink lashes, silk lashes. If you don't have ideas of the lashes styles, you can refer our 

hot lashes catalogue. These styles all lead good sales. 

Our Hot Mink lashes: 

Hot mink P series.jpg

Our Hot Faux Mink lashes:

SD series.jpg

Our Hot silk lashes:


     For custom package box,

      If your budget not too much, you can try paper box set which look professional.  

      If your budget enough, you can try magnetic box set which looks luxury. 

      Then you can put the color and pattern you like. 

     Lash Tools

     You can add lash applicators, lash glues or lash brushes. 

Tweezers and Applicaters.jpg


lash brushes.jpg

Other tips:

EVA lash set.png

You see the marked black part is EVA similar like a sponge. You can customit to different shapes. 

So when you do one pair or 2 pairs set with lash tools, you can use such EVA to put different kinds 


Here offer you some suggestions of the mutiple lash sets, if you have any questions, you can contact me.


Whatsapp: +86 185 6261 5183


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