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2017-07-21 17:42:16

False eyelashes/Silk Eyelash extension JH48

Soft feeling silk eyelash extension make you more charming, made from 100% Korean Imported,the most advanced Korean material --PBT/PET
With the premium eyelash glue,easy to peel off,no kink,to save the applying time. Different si... more

2017-07-04 15:37:13

2017 latest eyelash style, welcome to purchase.

mink eyelashes mink lashes false eyelash eye lashes mink eye lashes eye lashes extensions silk lashes extensions eyelash extensions silk eyelash extensions new eyelash extensions best eyelash extensions what are eyelash... more

2016-12-22 22:59:34

Emeda of 2016

Thanks for everybody’s support on EMEDA throughout year 2016, and and we wish you a Merry Christmas! On this festive occasion, we will tell you what we’ve been doing and achieved during year 2016. more

2015-03-20 14:34:17

Oil shale deep inclined technologies and new ...

In recent years, the shale gas exploitation push US to achieve energy independence, but that does not mean there is no challenge to the development of shale gas. Drilling and completion of horizontal wells cost factors continue to... more

2014-12-26 17:14:11

Oilfield Wastewater Recycle Technology Aiming...

In the process of development of oil fields, when the reservoir pressure reduces a lot, then you can use water to maintain reservoir pressure. However, the injected water causes not only damage to the environment, but also a serio... more